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Join a tour bus leaving for the Dinali National Park or the Brooks River of Katmai National Park.

Alaska Bear Watching Bear watching – you can't say you've been to Alaska if you haven't had the opportunity to marvel at its beautiful bears which should not be confused with our beloved “teddy bears.” These wild and dangerous kings of the mountains can be viewed from a safe distance thanks to tours specifically designed for that purpose.

As founder of the Boston Children’s Hospital’s Center on Media and Child Health, Dr.

Michael Rich, has counselled families on the same question. Rich for his take on how to navigate paediatricians’ recommendations for screen time and the need to connect with family.

When the state was new, for instance, they borrowed a lot of laws from Oregon, and many of those are still on the books. In every state but ours, you can hold real estate as “joint tenants with right of survivorship.” Okay, in fairness I have not researched all 49 other states on this, but every state that I have looked at allows that sort of ownership. What joint tenancy means is that when one of the people on that piece of property dies, the other one automatically gets the property. That is called “tenants by the entireties,” and it only works for a husband and wife.

And from what I have seen, there are probably more uniform acts and model laws adopted in Alaska than in any other state. If you’re not legally married to each other, you can’t hold property with somebody, and have those automatic survivorship rights. That is when the legislature passed a law allowing transfer-on-death deeds.

Skype and Face Time have replaced long distance phone calls as a way for many Canadian families to connect with relatives.

But with the Canadian Paediatric Society (CPS) recommending no screen time for children under two years old, some parents wonder if toddlers should be left out of the conversation.

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You might hear and read about something called, "Voom," which is what Royal Caribbean calls its onboard internet service.Family Matters producer Christine Meadows spoke with him.Christine Meadows: Is it harmful for a child under two years old to video chat? Michael Rich: There’s no evidence yet that the radiation from something sitting in front of them that they are staring at has really any effect. Now, of course, all of these questions won’t be answered for a generation, but at this point, we don’t see any reason to avoid them particularly when they are held out in front of the child. But despite our “we don’t give a darn how they do it Outside” attitude, most of our state laws are the same as just about everywhere else in the U. One reason is that many of those laws are tightly governed by federal law (such as Medicaid, which is based on state statutes, but those statutes have to meet federal requirements if the program is going to be funded). I know somebody in Alaska whose husband died, and they owned their home together, and she automatically got it when he died.But even beyond that, an awful lot of our statutes are written elsewhere. Yes, you can indeed do that, but it has a different name.