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The dream of Pharaoh's butler indicated that he would be release from prison 'within three days' ("The Maccabean date hypothesis, a widely held theory of the origin and date of the Book of Daniel, was originally advanced by the third-century A. The discomfiture of Nebuchadnezzar and Belshazzar as related in Daniel were intended to be prophetic of the defeats and downfall of the hated Epiphanes."Following Jerome's refutation of Porphyry, he was more or less dismissed by Christian scholarship as a mere pagan detractor who had allowed a naturalistic bias to warp his judgment. C.), in relation to his prophetic ministry (Dan 10:1). The appearance of Persian-derived governmental terms, even in the earlier chapters composed in Aramaic, strongly suggests that these chapters were given their final form after Persian had become the official language of government."Notice carefully that our task is much more simple than would first appear.

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The authenticity of the book of Daniel further received support when the Dead Sea Scrolls were found in the caves of Qumran, Israel.This website proves that the Book of Daniel chapter in the bible was a legitimate prophetic piece of work, written by the prophet Daniel from the year 570 BC - 536 BC, as traditionally thought.And is not a fraudulent piece of writing, written sometime between 167 BC to 63 BC as claimed by critics - In other words written after the world events that the book of Daniel had prophecised, as critics claim.It also counters the arguments made by the critics, who claim that the Book of Daniel is not a prophetic piece of writing, written from 570 BC - 536 BC, but really a fraudulent piece of writing, written between 167 BC to 63 BC.The following text is not my own writing but credit goes to: ''Pay Attention to Daniel's prophecy'' written by the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society.