Cofounder speed dating

Nisha Dua is Principal at BBG Ventures, a New York-based seed stage venture capital fund founded by Susan Lyne and backed by AOL, investing in women-led technology companies.We back founders who are creating market-defining consumer applications and services that make our lives simpler, better, more delightful.

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Before you can take your relationship to the next level, you should get to know each other as friends.

The new Cambio was built out of a partnership with Girls Who Code.

Five GWC alumni helped rebuild the site as a platform that not only entertains but empowers young women to build anything they want to build and be anything they want to be.

We bonded that day over our shared struggle as “misfits” in the fashion industry’s approach to sizing, and that set in motion a relationship that progressed from classmate to friend to business partner, all in the course of three years.

But, of course, it takes more than the elusive perfect pair of tall-girl jeans to pick the right partner in crime for your business.