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, an Israeli-based provider of an all-in-one solution that allows users to backup, synchronize , share and access data online has been acquired by Phoenix Technologies for an undisclosed amount.

However, Techcrunch has reported the company went for M.

Pageflakes , an Ajax home page that once was a real competition to Netvibes , is being rumored to have been acquired by Live Universe for an undisclosed amount.

Both companies refrain themselves from publicly announcing the deal nor made any comments on the technology blogs that mentioned about it, which tells us the deal is most likely in the very low-range not worth mentioning. An acquisition that was announced in late February has today been confirmed. As we have then written Snocap has been in a long quest for a buyer (at least since Sept last year) and has gone through some massive layoffs, so it was clear the company had little to no options left but to sell off.