Frum dating advice

People are telling us that our children are having a hard time because they are so different from each other. I heard of people finding shadchanim in directories.One shadchan even told my wife that when people read the shidduch résumés and see how everyone went to a different type of yeshiva, we come across as a dysfunctional family. Is there some sort of special directory where I can find a shadchan to help?

Our Jewish journeys have taken us on divergent paths, and I had to let go before I was ready. “Just don’t rush into anything, if you know what I mean.” What I meant was marriage.In fact, if viewers were to take a shot of alcohol every time someone uses a phrase like, “There could have been …” or, “There’s a chance that Hitler might have come here …But now, as we celebrate Emily and Michael’s first anniversary, I think of this past year as just another step in my evolving relationship with my daughter and the beginning of a new stage of what being a mother means to me. Up until that point, Emily had never been on a date, kissed a boy, or even held hands.*** “I think I’m going to start dating, Mom,” Emily told me on the phone from college, when she was 19. This choice reflected her beliefs as an Orthodox girl: Dating happens only when you are marriage-minded.