Liberal dating a conservative

I will only date someone whose ideologies align with the Democratic party.

Ensuring that prior to or quickly thereafter a message exchange has not only become tricky, but a requirement.

One woman said, “Liberals were always happy to suggest we split the check; it must be some Clintonian socialist entitlement.

” Another included the line, “If you voted for the Orange Cheeto we probably won’t get along.” That’s fine, I guess. But since many people swipe and message before reading, many of us are now in a position where we have to resolve whether they are Democrat or Republican first. We don't talk much on hot button issues, at least till now. Just recently, my lover went to a yoga retreat where there are mineral baths where both sexes are naked. Actually I wouldn't be surprised if it's really miscarriage footage, since I don't know how reliable the source is. and I must say I've grown through the experience. I have not had my lover view this yet You're relationship symbolizes the contrast between the whole country right now... But about that abortion video, much of it looks like footage from a "late term" abortion which is NOT legal.I actually did try a couple of times, including a date with a local Tea Party leader who spent the entire date trying to convert me.But a recent study shows that I’m not unique at all. We underestimate how much politics affects our daily lives,? After an election is over, we don’t think about it, but in fact our political affiliations strongly affect other aspects of our lives, such as our romantic choices.?