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Why did you and Andy decide to document this struggle through this disease?And how did director Lilibet Foster come into this project? Vashti Whitfield: "When we found out that Andy was in fact still had cancer and he was no longer in remission, he very much wanted to use this part of his life and a journey to do something more purposeful with it.I felt like it was a real gift to be able to give some value to other people because the value I got from it was extraordinary."Sam Maydew, who guided Andy Whitfield's acting career and was an executive producer of Be Here Now, says Vashti has already been a huge source of healing for others by appearing in the documentary.

“He became kind of a mentor, kind of a hero to me in a way,” Courtney said.

I have to be honest with you, I felt humbled to be having a conversation with Vashti not just because of the topic which deals with cancer that I'm sure many families out there can relate to, but also about the hope, the optimism, the inspiration that this docu offers. This is a movie that is a kind of labor of love and it’s taken enormous amount of work with the support from the international fans and the fans fundraiser kickstarter to actually bring it to alive.

And so in terms of distribution and getting it out there, we wanted to do that in such a way that it would reach far and wide as possible, so the strategy around that took more time to plan and then put into action than a normal way of putting it out there, I believe." Rama's Screen: This one's a bit of a multiple part type question.

“Not only in what he was achieving within the world of our profession, but just in the way he lived his life.

We became fast friends, and I just looked up to him so much.” WATCH: ‘Be Here Now (The Andy Whitfield Story)’ Goes Inside the ‘Spartacus’ Actor’s Battle With Cancer Whitfield was diagnosed shortly before the second season started filming. “It's a weird thing to hear, someone so young and so healthy -- certainly on the surface -- so close to you,” he recalled.