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Sutherland's exacting questions to test the director's knowledge of late 18th century England. Then he did this TV show called Spooks, and I was such a fan of it, but I couldn't imagine him as Mr. I was a huge fan of the BBC version so I had Colin Firth imprinted in my head, but Joe [Wright] said, "No, I'm really sure about this and you've got to come in and meet him." So I met him and he was lovely, and I still couldn't imagine it, and we read the famous proposal scene in the rain and it just worked.

The resulting film is a sumptuous, but never fussy, rendition of Jane Austen's classic novel.: It was amazing. We did a lot of auditions with different Darcys, and they were all fantastic, but there was that one thing or another that hadn't quite clicked.

’ ” she said, recalling her nervous post-bridal-bliss tension.

“And she went, ‘Hmm, I don't know.’ And actually, it’s come out. It could be a pinker than it was at the start.”But, she added, a mystery alcohol stain is a sign of a good wedding; after all, she has managed to wear the dress multiple times since.

Somewhere along the way, someone stained the dress with red wine.

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She harbors a sensual lyricism that plays on the big screen like something from French actresses Isabelle Adjani or Juliette Binoche.Director Joe Wright has built his career on British television such miniseries as Bodily Harm and Charles II: The Power & The Passion.So, when wooing Donald Sutherland to play the role of the patriarch of the Bennet household, Wright was well prepared to answer Mr.Knightley has become Britain’s best paid actress after earning Oscar and BAFTA nominations, a modelling contract with Chanel.Estimated to be worth £30 million, she has two new films in the pipeline and ongoing theatre work.